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´╗┐Hemorrhoids have been diagnosed for decades, but the disease is misunderstood greatly. This is because most people don't fully understand the area and the diseases that are associated with it. Over ten million people in the United States have been diagnosed with hemorrhoids. Almost a third of them seek medical treatment. The rate of serious hemorrhoids has gone done since its peak in the mid-70's. Many people who get hemorrhoids are around 45-65 years in age.

Many things are associated with hemorrhoids like ulcers and Crohn disease. Many women who get hemorrhoids get it because of their pregnancy, although it is undetermined why pregnant women get hemorrhoids. Believe it or not, hemorrhoids are present in healthy individuals; they are present in everyone. The only thing is that when they swell or enlarge they can become quite discomforting and painful. It is when the vascular cushions become enlarged, inflamed, or protruding when they are called hemorrhoids.

Some of the causes for hemorrhoids include your diet. For people who have a high fiber diet, they may get hemorrhoids because of the frequency of passings. Pregnancy is another cause, but it could be the extra pressure from the added body weight. Prolonged sitting on a toilet can also be the cause for hemorrhoids. Aging also causes hemorrhoids because the tissue inside the rectum begins to deteriorate. The weakening of the tissue can start as early as thirty. Straining and constipation has also been known to be a cause for hemorrhoids.

Symptoms are divided into external and internal. Internal does not cause pain, but external can cause discomfort, pain, and bleeding. Protruding hemorrhoids can be itchy and bleed. They require medical attention because they are so uncomfortable. Internal hemorrhoids will cause discomfort and will make a person feel pressure around the abdomen and anus.

The pain you may feel from internal hemorrhoids is caused by a spasm in the sphincter. Internal hemorrhoids are mostly painless and have bleeding with bowel movements. When the hemorrhoid puts pressure on the hemorrhoid veins, they tend to break and blood will appear. Internal hemorrhoids can also produce mucus that will keep the area moist and cause the anus to itch, although this is not common.

Most hemorrhoids will only be treated if they cause any discomfort or pain. They will heal, but it may cause some scarring, depending on how serious your condition is. For external hemorrhoids, you may have an extra deposit of skin that will be permanent. If you feel any discomfort or pain, you should seek medical attention and consult your physician. Everyone has hemorrhoids; it's just a matter of how serious. You may need to consult your doctor if your hemorrhoids seem to be enlarged or blood is located in your stool.

Effects of Mangosteen on RSD

´╗┐In all the studies of Mangosteen and Xantones I could not find one report on how it helps RSD! What I did find was a bunch of testimonies about how it has helped people with this debilitating disease find relief! I did find reports on inflammation and IBS along with relief to some cancers like breast cancer, colon cancer and a few others. The American cancer institute is studying the mangosteen fruit with wide eyes! This fruit has studies all the way back to the early 1800,s.

Xango was the first to market this fruit. I do have people that have RSD and they have reduced in some cases removed Pain meds from their daily routine! I would like to point out I have seen this with my own 2 eyes! To say this would cure anything would be a lie! I have no way to prove that to you. To say it helps people would be an understatement as for what I have seen it do for people!

At this point I would like to tell you a bit about me ' I am Ken Boyer I have a passion for helping people. I did not get into this business to make money! I got in it to help people feel better and have a better quality of life. Heck I am not a salesman nor am I a doctor or a research type person!

I do have or should I say did have problems with my hands. You see I firmly believe that the arthritis was taking over and work was becoming more difficult! Hand movement was being cut down and the pain and swelling was too much to bare!

One day about 3 years ago I had to find out how the immune system worked I can not tell you why I just found it consuming my free time and for 3 years I did a lot of research! I found out why after the second year! I found that there are many things that will attack the immune system and A.I.D.S. is the worst of the bunch! Things like Lupus and Muscular dystrophy and R.S.D.,Arthritis, even I.B.S. can be linked to the immune system!

Most all disease's can be linked directly to an attack on the immune system whether you want to call it the auto Immune system or the immune system It is your automatic defense system to aid you in the fight of even colds or flue!

That was another way it has helped me the first year in many I did not take mega doses of antibiotics! But for a min let's get back to Arthritis. Since this happened to me I got to tell you what excited me so much to write you today! My hands are back to normal! I can pull on wrenches with no pain! What a blessing! And the money I make well that is a blessing to but read on to see my heart on this matter.

My intention today is not to just spit out a bunch of crap but to inform you about the mangosteen fruit.

The FdA has us say that there is no proof that any of our claims HAVE BEEN PROVEN and legally they are right and just to do so. I have no scientific proof of my own to back up what science is now studying the Mangosteen fruit is one of the best kept secrets in the world today!(go to pub med and look up mangosteen and Xanthones this site ) After all it has been around for centuries and I dare say since the beginning of time! Am I excited about this YOU BET I AM! I am seeing testimonies right and left from what this drink is doing for people. People with arthritis and IBS and a host of Lupus patients getting relief. You would be excited to if you found something that people don't know about and then they take it and you can say wow what a change in your life!!! I am proud to say I am a Xango dist. But not for the reason you would think. The money that will be made comes as a blessing. At first you don't make much so the driving force would not be the money it would have to be the benefits of helping people. That is what I tell everyone that either comes in as a business or as a customer.

I would run around like a chicken with my head cut off delivering to each person but there is a better way and that is to get them to auto ship the Xango to there home. I would suggest starting off with at least 5 cases! And here is why once you try the product for yourself you will find you can not keep your mouth shut about how it has helped you and each person knows about 10 people that it would help! So you show them how it has helped you and they begin to buy it first from you then through auto ship! Xango will find it's self all over the globe!

It has already begun!

I said I was passionate about helping people and now you can see without a doubt I am telling you the truth about how it has helped me and many more like me. I would now like to help you!